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As writers, we often find inspiration in the simplest things.

A favorite quote, a new experience, the beauty of nature. But sometimes, we need to go a little deeper.

That’s where these 41 deep topics are valuable as writing prompts.

They provide a wealth of inspiration for your writing, and can help you tap into your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Some of these topics are broad, others are serious. Don’t feel like you have to a solid point of view, or even a full-fledged essay or paragraph. Just begin with random thoughts or bullet points.

Later, you can return and shape your writing into something meaningful. As you continue to write, you will develop a point of view on these topics, and then revise your writing into a new piece.

What are deep topics to write about?

  1. Write about the human experience
  2. Write about people’s place in the universe
  3. Write about life after death
  4. Write about the purpose of love and relationships
  5. Write about suffering and pain
  6. Write about happiness and joy
  7. Write about success and failure
  8. Write about the importance of education and learning
  9. Write about life after death
  10. Write about suffering and pain
  11. Write about happiness and joy
  12. Write about what it means to experience success and failure
  13. Write about technology and its impact on society
  14. Write about what religion and spirituality means to you
  15. Write about the nature of reality
  16. Write about politics and current affairs
  17. Write about ethics and morality
  18. Write about your experience with race and ethnicity
  19. Write about mental health and well-being
  20. Write about physical health and fitness and why it’s important
  21. Write about career, work, and life balance
  22. Write about the joy & struggle of creative pursuits
  23. Write about managing personal finances
  24. Write about minimalism and simple living
  25. Write about the environment and sustainability
  26. Write about your favorite poem or quote and what it means to you.
  27. Write about a time when you were pushed to your limits and how you overcame that experience.
  28. Write about when you felt most alive.
  29. Write about a dream or goal that you have and how you plan to achieve it.
  30. Write about artificial Intelligence and its implications
  31. Write about the impact of climate change on society
  32. Write about how technology affects human interaction
  33. Write about the ethical implications of genetically modified organisms
  34. Write about the role of multinational corporations & the economy
  35. Write about the role of education and society
  36. Write about the impact of social media and mental health
  37. Write about the use of big data to control people’s actions
  38. Write about the psychological effects of political uncertainty
  39. Write about the impact of social media on democracy
  40. Write about the effects of job automation
  41. Write about the future of online security and privacy

Use these deep topics and writing prompts to learn more about yourself

It’s easy to find inspiration for writing in the big things – the life-changing moments, the heart-wrenching experiences, and the jaw-dropping revelations. This list has a lot of serious topics. Use them as a starting point for your next piece of writing, and see where they take you!

But what about those small moments that make up our everyday lives? The times when we’re stuck in traffic, or waiting in line at the grocery store, or taking a shower?

It’s during these mundane moments that we have an opportunity to explore deep topics that shape who we are.

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