Ready to choose a new writing desk? The simpler, the better. Writing desks are specifically created for writers who want an easy way to write fast. They’re not meant for large laptops or huge hard drives either. They’re usually made from wood, plastic, metal or glass, but they don’t need to look fancy. In fact, some people prefer them because they’re so basic looking.

How do you choose the best writing desk to help you be your most productive?

This isn’t really a question about writing–but one about inputs for the best output.

And I would argue that you want to be creative in your writing. Your writing environment needs to be a nurturing place.

Think of your writing desk not only as a place to write, but as a place to create.

This will alter your point of view.

What makes a desk a writing desk?

If you decide to call it a writing desk. Specifically if you write at it. Desks in the past, such as a rolltop desk may “hide” your writing so it’s not constantly visible  or to protect a typewriter. Even though you may no longer use a typewriter, if you want to keep your writing private, this may be a good option to use. 

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How much should a writing desk cost?

The price of a writing desk depends on the quality and style. You can get a very nice, solid wood desk for $200 or so. If you want something more fanciful, you’ll need to spend at least several hundred dollars.

What is the size of a writing desk?

The size of a desk depends on what you need it for. If you are looking to write, then you will want something that has enough space for your computer and paper. You can find desks in different sizes, but if you plan on using it as an office desk, I would recommend getting one with at least 24″ x 30″. This allows you to have room for your computer and papers, plus some extra space around them.

Can a writing desk be used for computer?

Say you have an old writing desk that you now want to use as your home desk for remote work. The only problem is, it’s too small and doesn’t have the right height to sit at my computer comfortably. Can you make that work?

Yes, you can do this with some creative thinking. Like dismantling part of the desk.

First, take off the drawers and see how many pieces of furniture you can remove from the desk to free up space. If they don’t, you might be able to add supports under the desk legs. If you really want to go all-out, you could even build a custom desk using two desks and some plywood.

If you end up needing to buy new furniture, remember that most modern desks come with wheels. This means you can easily move them around to create different configurations.

How big should a desk drawer be?

There isn’t really a single answer to this question because it all depends on what kind of desk you use. A lot of people like their desk to be fairly large, but many others prefer smaller ones. It also depends on whether you work with paper documents or electronic ones. Most people who work at a computer would probably say they don’t care about the size of their desk drawer as long as it holds everything they need. If you’re looking for something more specific than “average”, then you’ll need to look at the dimensions of the drawers in different types of desks. For example, here’s a picture of a typical desktop computer desk : The top drawer has dimensions of 17″ x 19″. If you want to know how much space a particular piece of furniture will take up in your home, it can help to measure the actual pieces of furniture you plan to buy.  

Ready to buy a writing desk? Try these top writing desk options.

Sauder Cannery Bridge (Amazon)

  1. Under $200
  2. Classic herringbone pattern
  3. Hidden storage beneath the writing desktop

Novogratz Computer Desk (Amazon)

  • White marble look
  • Pre-assembled desktop with open cubbiess
  • Minimal assembly required

SAFAVIEH 2-Drawer Computer Table Office Desk (Amazon)

  • Convenient 2-drawer storage
  • 42″ wide x 20″ deep x 29.5″ high and works bedrooms, offices, or multi-purpose rooms
  • Smooth finish in a farmhouse style look

** Featured image is the Safavieh Writing Desk