is filled with many writing prompts, ideas, and things to write about. But what are the 10 best?

What are the topics that you can turn to for an essay, a quick journal entry, or a blog post? We’ve got you covered in the list below.

What thing will you choose to write about?

The things that you write about can be anything from your favorite hobbies and interests to your proudest accomplishments and goals for the future. The above list is just a quick sample. The most important thing is to be honest and authentic in your writing, and to allow yourself to truly explore all of the different aspects of who you are as a person. It’s also important to write regularly to hone your craft and improve.

1. Your hobbies and interests.

2. Your memories from childhood.

3. Your favorite books, movies, and music.

4. The skills you have developed over the years, or the skills that you want to learn.

5. Some of your proudest accomplishments and achievements in life so far.

6. A list of your personal goals for the future.

7. Your favorite places in the world and why you love them so much.

8. Some of your favorite quotes or words of wisdom that inspire you on a regular basis.

9. A list of a few of the things that you hope to accomplish in life before it’s over.

10. The values and beliefs that you hold to and base your life around

Need more writing ideas?

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