How Long Should Your Blog Post Be?

Just because it’s the Internet doesn’t mean your article should be as long as possible.

Editing and revision are still crucial.

There must be a sweet spot, somewhere in between 280 characters, and the reading time of a popular longform essay.

So let’s think about: how long should a blog post be?

The classic answer is: “It depends.”

And it really depends on the *channel* you’ve picked for your content.

Medium is than LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is different than a random Google search.

Google is different than Twitter threads.

But there is a point of diminishing returns, especially with social sharing.

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How To Choose a New Writing Desk

Ready to choose a new writing desk? The simpler, the better. Writing desks are specifically created for writers who want an easy way to write fast. They’re not meant for large laptops or huge hard drives either. They’re usually made from wood, plastic, metal or glass, but they don’t need to look fancy. In fact, some people prefer them because they’re so basic looking.

How do you choose the best writing desk to help you be your most productive?

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What Are You Building?

Creating Your Content City

The more articles I write, and the more content I produce, the questions I ask myself about writing have shifted…

Instead of asking: “What am I writing about next?”

Ask: “What am I building?

This is a subtle shift that has a dramatic impact. One is about the immediate future, the second is about the larger goals that you’re trying to accomplish.

It reminds me of a city — an interlocking content ecosystem.

1. Build a City of Content

With your writing, you are creating buildings, roads, highways, neighborhoods, and local stores with your writing.

Each is slightly different. Some topics will be a local boutique (a short article or passing though), others could be a gigantic skyscraper (a topic cluster if you will).

Yes, be known for a niche or a topic, but it goes deeper than that.

Many of your articles and ideas should build on top of each other, and even be connected.

Think of a city — it spreads out, it goes deep, it goes up, it goes down.

There are roads that connect one building (article) to another, and they are all loosely related.

In the SEO world, this is called internal linking to form topic clusters, related articles, and posts that show you’re an expert and that you have in-depth knowledge of the topic at hand.

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Here’s A (Simple) Workflow for Tracking Your Best Ideas.

Trying to remember your writing ideas, but aren’t sure where to capture them?

After suggesting ways to come up with more article ideas, I realized I didn’t go into detail about the best tools and workflows for this.

What I’m going to suggest to you is what I personally do for capturing and keeping article ideas…it’s not what I do to generate ideas or what I do after I have settled on an idea.

(i.e. the writing or production process — but if you are interested in that, please let me know).

I think Idea Capture is the right term for this. I’m borrowing from the Getting Things Done method, which is a very useful process for organizing all of the information in your life, though I don’t follow it by the letter.

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How Do You Become More Creative? 23 Tips To Help You.

#13 Could Be the Most Important

You want to be more creative, but where do you start? Creativity is not something that can just happen on its own — it needs a bit of effort from us in order for it to flourish.

So how do you go about becoming more creative?

There are many different approaches out there, but the most important thing is to find what works best for you as an individual writer and creator. That might mean collaborating with others who share your interests or fostering an environment where the sparks can really fly. The key is to have discipline and consistency until you get somewhere!

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